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VGM engages a highly skilled creative team to develop the most effective marketing image for web sites, single and album covers, posters and mainstream media. We also provide support and advice for producing commercial radio singles, single and album marketing strategies for physical and digital release, ISRC codes for on line sales providers ie. ITunes, production and budgeting for commercial music videos, commercial radio & television servicing, radio and television campaign budgets including the production of TVC's, Distribution and how to establish and operate an Independent Record Label as an Independent Artist. The following artists work with VGM:

Barefoot Divas
East Journey
Jay Hoad
Emma Donovan
Ursula Yovich
Ganga Giri
Danny Latouff
Deya Dova
She is the King
Benn Gunn
Yantra de Vilder
Brad Cole
Mick (Kid Courageous)
Virginia Younger


VGM specializes in the development of artists from demo stage right through to full production for release. The aim of development is to assist the artist to determine their full potential through the various stages required to bring their songs, image & marketing to the market.

VGM works closely with selected photographers, designers, record producers and video directors to assist in this process.

Artists developed by VGM:

Georgia Germein
Charlotte Emily
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